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Missouri City Synthetic Oil Change

Many car owners think that a synthetic oil change from conventional oil involves an expensive motor flush. A EuroCare Import Care Repair A.S.E. Certified Technician doing a synthetic oil change on the type of your vehicle’s oil will do no more than a full oil change. The myth of the engine flush is a remnant of when synthetic oil first started to be used in cars. In the beginning, a synthetic oil change was only used in cars with advanced mileage and a full engine flush was done to remove old oil. The technological advancements in synthetic oils have done away with this need.


When you bring in your car to our Missouri City location for a synthetic oil change from conventional oil, you will be in and out quickly. The new synthetic oil change fluids contain detergents and cleaners that will neutralize any remaining old oil in the system, meaning there is no need for a full flush. One of our technicians will drain the oil from your engine just like any other time you have a complete oil change done, then fill your engine with the synthetic oil. There is no other special procedure involved in performing a synthetic oil change.


Call today and make an appointment at EuroCare Import Care Repair. We are located right in Missouri City and have hours that are convenient for you. Having a synthetic oil change from conventional oil can be the best decision you make to extend the life of your car.


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