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Missouri City Check Engine Light Services

We know you’ve heard it before - the longer you put off car repairs the more it will cost you. This is especially true when your check engine light comes on as not only can you cause further damage, but many of the problems behind a check engine light also lower your fuel efficiency. The EuroCare Import Car Repair service team want to help car owners in Missouri City maximize their investment in their car by helping them make the right decisions for their car.

If you’re wondering what is causing your check engine light to come on, the list of reasons is exhausting. At EuroCare Import Car Repair, we’ve noticed a number of common reasons:


  • The oxygen sensor no longer operating properly
  • The catalytic converter being damaged
  • An ignition coil that doesn’t spark properly
  • Your spark plugs being too old or your wiring harness being worn out
  • The mass airflow sensor causing a drop in fuel efficiency

If your car has its check engine light come on you’re putting it at risk of further damage, and you’re almost certainly using more fuel than you need to. The longer you put off discovering what is wrong the more it will cost you. Call the service team here at EuroCare Import Car Repair in Missouri City so that your car can operate at its best. Make an appointment with us right now and we’ll help you save money!

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